Gaming problems with new PC

  OmniHyena 18:17 13 Jan 15

Hello, this is my first time posting here, I would really appreciate some help with some problems I have with my new PC. I've tried installing the latest drivers for my graphics card but this did not help. I have a fair bit of knowledge in this subject but please keep the answers fairly simple :) Below is a list of the problems.

Problem 1: The games I'm playing occasionally crash and go to a blue screen, and an error pops up saying "(game title) has stopped working."

Problem 2: This one is hard to explain, but basically, games won't load unless I press the Windows button, and then click back on the game. For example, if I launch Call of Duty 5, it just shows a black screen and nothing loads, and I then have to press the Windows button, and click on the game, and it just seems to load for some reason.

Problem 3: This one only occurs on Skyrim for some reason, but I'm genuinely concerned for my eardrums. This one seems to be completely random, but at certain times while playing, a VERY loud noise which sounds like static plays for about 5 seconds. It's extremely loud and scares the hell out of me, as well as hurting my ears because it's so loud.

My PC is really new, I got it (pre-built) a few days ago from

I would really appreciate any help with any of these problems. Problem 3 is the worst one because I am more scared to play Skyrim now than Five Nights at Freddy's and Amnesia.

Thank you very much, all help is appreciated :)

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