Full screen media player

  crazyc1 03 Nov 09

When watching movies through media player (avi files), I cannot make the thing stay on full screen.

After a minute or two it reverts back to showing the taskbar at the bottom and some space at the top.
Now it is watcheable on a 37" LCD in that state, but rather annoying.
yes I can click to go back to full screen but every few minutes is rather annoying indeed.

I would like to get it to default to full screen when opening movie files as well.

Any suggestions?

  User-1229748 03 Nov 09

do you have your screen saver set to come on after a couple of minutes?was just wondering if that was kicking it out of full screen.

  crazyc1 03 Nov 09

I had already turned off the screen saver.

  knockin on 03 Nov 09

The task bar reappears when the mouse is moved. Is it too close to your vibrator :)

  crazyc1 05 Nov 09

I currently have both a wired keyboard and mouse, and a wireless keyboard with a joystick on it.

I have even tried starting the movie and removing all of the above, to no avail, and so am at a loss.

Any suggestions as to a solution or suitable alternative media player would be gratefully accepted

  crazyc1 06 Nov 09

Could not sort the problem, but in the end by playing it via Windows Media Centre it seems to work full screen.


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