Free Antivirus

  VallySko 15:23 PM 11 May 10

Is there any free antivirus for windows vista?

  rdave13 16:28 PM 11 May 10

Avast, Avira and AVG are commonly used and reffered to in these forums.

  VallySko 16:34 PM 11 May 10


  mooly 07:58 AM 12 May 10

Microsoft Security Essentials,
click here

guaranteed compatability and very effective and light on resources too.

  kristain 10:44 AM 19 May 10

You can also try for McAfee.

  tullie 18:19 PM 19 May 10

Dident know that Mcafee was free?

  mooly 19:03 PM 19 May 10

Perhaps that should be Mcafree :)

  Ex plorer 16:22 PM 22 May 10

Mcafee free AV if you bank on line with HSBC. Not the full program and you can renew at the end of each year.

  john bunyan 15:04 PM 22 Jun 10

I agree with rdave13. I use Avira, others prefer one of his others .Some find AVG recently clashes with some firewalls. MS Security Essentials is also favoured, althouge my local repair shop has had some difficulties with it recently. Remember you should only have one anti virus working.

  K9 14:13 PM 26 Jun 10

I'd recommend Comodo Internet Security suite (free)

  rdave13 00:02 AM 27 Jun 10

"I'd recommend Comodo Internet Security suite (free)"
Each to their own. I'd rather install N


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