Following links in Windows 7

  Maczed 02 May 12

I am having trouble following links on web pages. sometimes I get to the page I need, but most of the time it doesn't work. I then have to copy and paste the shortcut address into the address bar at the top of the page. Have I got something set up wrong? Any ideas?

  difarn 02 May 12

You don't say which browser you are using

If you are using internet explorer - try this fix-it link.

If it is other browsers have a look to see if any add-ons are causing the problem.

  Maczed 02 May 12

Thanks for your response, difarn. I'm using IE9. I tried your link and had to access it by copy & paste. I ran the Reset Internet Explorer Setting Fix-it and restarted my PC. Your 'fix-it' link now responds when I click on it but I only get an empty new tab. Can you think of anything else I should do?

  difarn 02 May 12

There are a lot of articles about the same problem and different sorts of fixes.

Try opening IE without any add-ons

Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Internet Explorer (no Add-ons).

If this works then you will have to disable and re-enable each add on until you find the culprit.

If this still doesn't work try rolling back to IE8 by going to control panel - add/remove programmes, removing IE9 - this will automatically roll back to IE8.

Have you tried another browser? Can I suggest Firefox.

  Maczed 03 May 12

Hi difan, thanks for the suggestions, but none of them seem to work. I'm not running any add-ons; I can't load IE8 as I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit) and that's not one of the recommended versions for IE8; I've tried to download Firefox, but for some reason the 'Run or Save' pop-up doesn't appear, so it won't download it. You mention lots of articles about the same problem, would you point me to any of them, please.

  sharpamat 03 May 12

I also run Win 7 64bit this on installing was with IE8 as the default browser

  difarn 03 May 12

You can run IE8 - you would have been running this before IE9. I too still have it with Win 7 64-bit. It maybe that your profile has somehow become corrupted. Most people are still using IE8 at present because of problems with IE9. It is strange that you cannot download Firefox - I don't suppose it appears in your downloads folder?

The first thing to try is to roll back to IE8.

As for links - if you type in "unable to open links in IE9" you will get many articles.

  difarn 03 May 12

I should have said that when you download Firefox it is the 32-bit version you need - there is a 64-bit version just available that is still in "testing" format.

  difarn 03 May 12

The 64-bit version of Firefox is in fact called Waterfox so don't worry about this.

  Maczed 03 May 12

Many thanks for your help, difan. Now got IE8 (after a bit of trouble working out how to delete IE9, rather than turn it off), and have downloaded Firefox. Links still not quite right in IE8, but work a treat in Firefox. It's much faster that IE, pity I wasn't introduced to it earlier. I think I'll stay with it! Once again, thanks for your patience.

  difarn 03 May 12

It may well be the IE profile folder is corrupt. I always use Firefox and have - there is a good range of add-ons too.

Now that you have another browser to use I am attaching an article explaining how to reinstall/repair IE - you can do it manually or via the Fix-it link.


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