Firewall for Vista home premium

  Koochy 21:57 22 Feb 07

Hi all i have just upgraded to vista home premium and up to now i am very impressed but the question i have is " is the windows firewall still pants as it was with XP and if so can anyone recommend a free third party one that works with vista" as i can't get zone alarm installed


  anskyber 22:40 22 Feb 07

At the moment I do not know of a free (I assume you mean free) 3rd party Vista firewall. I think Zonealarm are hoping to bring something out in March.

In the meantime I am running the Windows firewall which at least is two way rather than the XP one way.

I do not think it will be long before others come out with firewalls.

  Koochy 22:43 22 Feb 07

thanks for the reply it looks like its windows firewall then until the others catch up.


  Jimmy14 22:55 22 Feb 07

If it's got to be free then I can only recommend Windows Live Onecare anti-virus with a built in firewall. The firewall is excellent by the way. 90 day trial here,
click here

  anskyber 23:08 22 Feb 07

Thats not free. It's a trial then you have to pay. The firewall part of it is I think the same Vista firewall already with Vista.

  Jimmy14 23:12 22 Feb 07

They are totally different firewalls and I know it's not free by saying "90 DAY TRIAL HERE" It's better than sitting with the basic windows firewall for 90 days then a compatible free Vista firewall may be out by then.

  Koochy 23:21 22 Feb 07

Thanks for that jimmy i will have a look at it tomorrow.

  anskyber 23:27 22 Feb 07

Yes I agree. It is worth pointing out that in a recent review the One Care managed a score of -1.

That compares with the top score of 6 wich is the max.

  Koochy 12:43 24 Feb 07

That is a very valid point thanks for that i think i will just have to go for a paid for version.
One other quick question i know i am going away from the main topic here but i have just read in the pca mag that norton 2007 has now had all its code re-written and its not so resource hungry anymore does anyone know if this is true or is it just symantec trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes???


  Jimmy14 12:47 24 Feb 07

It's true about NIS 2007 taking up less resources. Goes like wild fire on xp and the same on Vista.

  anskyber 12:50 24 Feb 07

The reviews I have read suggest it is true. The downside is it requires a lot of space on your hard drive.

The basic requirement is 350MB! If you have the add ons like anti spam it goes up to a massive 450MB.

Not for me.

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