Firefox update loose pinned tabs

  tonyq 01 Sep 11

Every time I have a update to Firefox I loose the tabs that I've pinned to the taskbar. Is there anyway to spot this happening?

  Graphicool1 16 Sep 11

Are you sure you actually pinned them to the task bar? Because it doesn't happened when FF6 gets an update on my PC?

  tonyq 17 Sep 11

Graphicool1, you could be right,please could you explain what is the correct way to pin them to the task bar.

  Graphicool1 20 Sep 11

When you open a programme and it's 'Icon' shows on the 'Task Bar' If you 'Right Click' the 'Icon' In the pop-up menu Click on 'Pin this program to task bar' It is then pinned. It should not move unless you un-pin it.

  Forum Editor 20 Sep 11

Just a thought....

Are you talking about pinning tabs to the Firefox tab bar, rather than the Windows task bar?

The task bar is the one that runs along the bottom of your screen, showing you applications that can be launched from there.

In Firefox you can use the 'pin as app' command to pin a tab to the tab bar, where it appears as an icon, ready for frequent use - is that what you mean, by any chance?

  tonyq 22 Sep 11

I have a short cut on the taskbar to Firefox. Plesae See

When I right click on the short cut, I see the following.

When viewing a website I drag the website icon in the address bar, down into the "Pinned Section" of the above picture,where I can right click the firefox icon in Pic 1 and click on one of the pinned websites I have saved. This works fine until there is an update for Firefox when I loose all my Pinned Items. I hope this is of help. Regards tonyq

  Graphicool1 22 Sep 11

Hi tonyq

Screen shot 1 looks correct. Screen shot 2 also looks correct. Which version of FF are you using?

  tonyq 22 Sep 11

I have Firefox 6.0.2 which I think is the latest

  Graphicool1 24 Sep 11

Hi tonyq

The reason I asked which FF you were using is because I use FF6 and your second pop-up menu isn't the same as mine? One thing that I've noticed is when I Right Click on any of the pinned icons on the Task bar, all I get is a pop-up menu showing only things from 'Tasks' down (nothing above?) In other words none of them show a list of pinned objects?

Also are you aware that in the 'Pinned' section FF doesn't feature?

  tonyq 24 Sep 11

Graphicool1, when I want to use FF I click on the Icon on the taskbar.


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