Firefox has a strange start-up

  Pine Man 03 Jul 12

Running Windows 7 32 bit and when I launch Firefox 13.0.1, for a split second, it has the appearance of 'aero peek' in that you can see through it before it turns to a 'normal' display. I have tried turning off 'aero peek' but it still does it. Once properly launched it works perfectly.

My lap top running the same version of Firefox behaves normally.

Any ideas?

  difarn 04 Jul 12

I would be inclined to reinstall it to see if it reoccurs.

  Pine Man 04 Jul 12

Sorry should have said I have already tried that:-(

  Pine Man 04 Jul 12

Just tried loading older versions of Firefox but the result is the same - when it first launches it is in aero peek mode for a short time.

  Pine Man 04 Jul 12

I have tried all sorts of things, including new graphics drivers but nothing seemed to work - until I moved the tabs to 'Tabs On Top'. It worked!! I've no idea why it should make a difference but it's ok now.

Thanks for your interest difarn.

  difarn 04 Jul 12

No problem - glad it's sorted. Something new to learn every day.

  kirkthebest 05 Jul 12

google chrome is the best lol

  Pine Man 05 Jul 12

google chrome is the best lol

Tried it and didn't like it. FF is still number one IMHO.

  difarn 05 Jul 12

I agree Pine Man - am also giving Waterfox a try as I have a 64 bit PC. Very good so far.


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