Files saving to temporary folder ??

  essjay 22:22 29 Dec 07


Can anyone help me overide the security on vista which automatically saves some files to the temporary folder?

I am trying to download a jpg file from Ancestry and I can't get it to save in the folder I want. I save quite a few of these and don't want to have to mess about moving them from a temp folder to the one I need it in.

I have tried to work out how I can turn this feature off, but I can't figure it.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks :o)

  sinbads 22:36 29 Dec 07

when downloading your file, select save then make your choice of where to save. this is a good practice as you can check the downloaded file for viruses etc before you open them.

  essjay 22:38 29 Dec 07

It's not giving me a choice of where to save, I pick the folder I want to save it in and when I click save, it pops up a message saying it's saved it to the temp file for security. No choice to overide and save it where I want it, it just does it.

  sinbads 22:54 29 Dec 07

Turn off uac

  essjay 23:05 29 Dec 07


Thanks sinbads, will give it a go :o)

  anskyber 10:12 30 Dec 07

Right click the download folder ( in user/ "your account" ) and select properties. Now select the "Location" tab. You can then write in whatever path you wish. IE will then recognise that path.

  essjay 10:43 30 Dec 07

Hi again

Thanks asnkyber, will that just redirect the files? What I'd really like to be able to do is tell it that Ancestry is a trusted website and it's OK to download images from there. I use different folders for different images, ie I save Smith images from Ancestry into a Smith folder, Brown images into a Brown folder etc etc

I have turned off the uac, and it's working but that means (if I am right) that all the security features are now turned off?

Is there any way to say it's OK to download from a certain site, and then pick my own folder to download to at the time of saving?

  sinbads 14:42 30 Dec 07

If you are a new user and or require security for other users on your pc, i would say keep your uac enabled ;but most users turn this facillity off since it provides little or no security even asking permission for ms own software to run. Un fortunatly it does not have the abillity to learn and therefore becomes a nuisence.
click here

Hopefully this issue may be addressed in the next update ;but don't hold your breath.

You could use firefox which downloads default to the desktop.

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