File History in Win 8

  chub_tor 15:54 PM 14 Mar 13

Is anyone using File History for backup? I only came across it today and it seems to be a simple method of backing up my Libraries and keeping them up to date (within an hour at any rate). I have my OS and Programmes on an SSD and data files on a separate internal SATA drive and an external SATA is used via USB for backup. My routine has been to clone the SSD once a week and use AllwaySync for the SATA drives but File History seems to do the latter part for me and more often. I would be interested if anyone else is using File History.

  rdave13 11:34 AM 15 Mar 13

I only create an image of the C drive every other week. Any files I have I just duplicate on the intenal and external data drives myself. Usually just photos now and again.


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