extra drives

  JACC 22:05 08 Feb 09

i have a vista ultimate machine,everytime i go into my computer it shows that i have 2 sometimes 3 extra drives.I go into Device Manager and remove them there but the next time i reboot, back they come,they are all the same KP6420V OPX478C SCSI CdROM DEVICE , any way of getting rid of them permanently?

  MCE2K5 22:33 08 Feb 09

This is all I could find click here

Don't know it will help or not (No Conclusion).

  MCE2K5 22:44 08 Feb 09

In Device Manager, Is there anything listed in SCSI and RAID controllers, Uninstall the One/Ones you don't need.

KP6420V OPX478C SCSI CdROM DEVICE is a Virtual Device.

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