ex HD file system

  conrail 04 Nov 11

using windows 7 65 bit sp1, I have a number of films on pc of granddaughter and to save putting them onto DVD I have put them onto an external HD which is NTFS, I have tried to link it up to my freesat box which has a usb port, TV hasn't, unfortunately the box wont accept the NTFS sile system, have tried changing to exFAT, again this isn't accepted, tried friends ex HD which is FAT, (FAT32)? and this works, can I change my ex HD to then old FAT system? all help and advice appreciated.

  conrail 04 Nov 11

sorry, it should say 64 bit, not 65, apologies

  lotvic 04 Nov 11

W7 can't, it only does format to NTFS. However on sevenforums.com they recommend this little free utility http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?fat32format.htm but you have to save all your data files to somewhere else or lose them as you format the HDD.

Hope none of the video files are bigger than 4Gb as that is the individual file size limit for FAT32 and they won't transfer back if bigger.

  conrail 04 Nov 11

thanks lotvic , I will look at that, longest video is just under 800 Mb, about 1.5 hours I believe. I appreciate your help, many thanks again

  bremner 05 Nov 11

You can format to FAT32 in W7 from the command line Fat32

  bremner 05 Nov 11

that is not the link i was after and now can't find the walk through.

The command line entry is

format X: /FS:FAT32

Where X is your drive you want formatted

  conrail 07 Nov 11

thansk bremner but drive is 1TB and if I partition it it wont work with freesat box, tried friends FAT32 unpartitioned drive which works well but it wont read another partitioned drive, I appreciate your help though


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