European Windows 7 without Browser

  100andthirty 16 Jul 09

If Windows 7 is to be shipped without Internet Explorer, how does one obtain a browser? the obvious answer is that one should download it from the Internet. But without a browser, how do you do it?

Is there a way that doesn't involve using another computer an/or messing around with burning ISO images?

  anskyber 16 Jul 09

Download it before you install and save to a device like pen drive or DVD then install after W7

  AL47 17 Jul 09

i can see this being a pretty silly move for non tech people

  BurrWalnut 17 Jul 09

Order a IE8 CD nearer October, click here

  GaT7 17 Jul 09

"i can see this being a pretty silly move for non tech people" - I agree.

Be aware there's also a less common 'N' version available that doesn't some with Windows Media Player either click here:

'Does not contain an Internet browser or Windows Media player'

Not as bad as not having a browser - but BOTH missing may be a bit too much for some? G

  mooly 17 Jul 09

Without a browser, would it still connect via windows update ?
And if so would IE8 be a recommended update ?

  GaT7 17 Jul 09

"Without a browser, would it still connect via windows update ?" - I guess so, as Win7 RC updater doesn't seem to need one.

"And if so would IE8 be a recommended update ?" - good question :-), G

  octal 17 Jul 09

Maybe they should put Firefox on it :D

Sorry, couldn't resist that.

  octal 25 Jul 09

I was jesting about putting Firefox on it, but it could come true click here

  sunnystaines 25 Jul 09

does windows mail in w7 have a browsing function?

I'm sure in the past outlook had something similar, this could be used to download a browser.

  GrumpyTrucker 25 Jul 09

Nope, it doesn't. In fact, the RC version doesn't even come with WIndows Mail. The default is to use a web based email system (Windows Live Mail). You can download an email program which is like the next gen of Windows Mail but you need a browser to do it! So, unless you've previously downloaded a browser and saved it to some form of external device a new Windows 7 install will be stuck with no browser and (unless they change it in the final release) no email program.

Good thinking guys. Flipping EU. Knickers in a knot over nothing and now it's gonna cause a lot of confusion when 7 rolls out.


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