Error 734 bugging me!!

  laterz 22:27 30 Jun 07

My internet connection keeps crashing every 20-30 mins and comes up with error 734.
My modem and isp were fine on old computer with XP.
Can you help ?


  anskyber 22:37 30 Jun 07
  anskyber 22:38 30 Jun 07

Or try click here

  laterz 09:40 01 Jul 07

all thse settngs are correct - still not right :(

  skidzy 23:05 02 Jul 07

What modem Laterz ? make and model please.

Just a guess,not a Speedtouch 330 by any chance ?

Also have you updated the driver to a Vista driver or are you using the xp driver ?

  laterz 20:20 05 Jul 07

I have latest driver, however my modem is the old Alcatel (green) one , this company has now been took over by Thomson, I beleive.
I understand its the same driver and have updated to Vista driver.
Please can you help as I am getting no support from Orange tech. or no reply from customer services!!!


  skidzy 21:18 05 Jul 07

With the Speedtouch drivers,you do not have to have the Vista driver ! it will run on the xp driver,there is a conflict in the script for the driver and can be split but to be honest...its hard work and not worth the hassle.

What i would suggest if possible:

If a new computer,restore to factory settings and install the software to the modem again...this MUST be the first piece of software you install.

The driver im using is version 300.7.0.2 do not plug the modem in till you have loaded the software.
You may find that it will not store your connection password,though not a major issue as you can still type this in every time you want to connect.

Do bear in mind it may well be your isp at fault here,as Orange seem to have there fair amount of problems at the moment.

  laterz 21:30 05 Jul 07

I have the vista driver installed - whic loaded up pretty easily, do you suggest other driver?
do you have a link?
Did you have the same problem as me - conection drops every 20 - 30 mins ?
Is yours now ok?
Orange tech centre is Indian, about as much helps chocolate fireguard.
I have e-mailed them for my MAC code to change ISP but no response !!

  skidzy 21:52 05 Jul 07

When i first installed the xp ST driver i had regular drop outs.I restored to factory settings and reinstalled the xp driver from the software and now all is well again.
This i have done for a few people now,BUT the ST driver software must be the first thing you install once restored to factory settings,then connect the modem.

I know its a bit drastic restoring,but its the best way to reduce driver conflicts.

You should not need to use the Vista driver,well ive never had to,and ive setup about half a dozen ST330's now.

Regarding your error code,there is plenty on Goggle about this,and refers to your settings.

Try this:

Tools/Internet Options/Connections/Settings/Advanced/Untick disconnect if idle...this maybe set to 20 minutes.

  Phrixos 17:43 16 Feb 08


I've been looking for the 300.7.0.2 driver, but cant find it.

Can you tell me where you found it?

  anskyber 21:53 16 Feb 08

click here for Vista.

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