Epson 1650 Scanner and Windows Vista

  thegreypanther 16:39 02 Apr 07

Recently I posted a message about acquiring a driver for the above scanner in the Windows Vista / 64-bit environment. I had tried several drivers that were alleged to do the trick, but none had succeeded. So I then wrote to Epson.
Their reply may be of great interest to everybody who owns a perfectly decent bit of equipment made by Epson, that works perfectly well in Windows XP but doesn't in Windows Vista. The following has just been communicated to me by an Alan Edwards of the Epson Support Team;-

"On the current list of Windows Vista 64 bit drivers your product is classed as 'no support'. There are a number of other drivers classed as 'no support'. Once the scheduled drivers have been completed the 'no support' drivers will be assessed and some may be produced, depending on a number of factors including demand. However at present there are no current plans for a driver for your product."

How absolutely marvellous. Built in redundancy at a stroke!

  Kate B 16:53 02 Apr 07

64bit drivers are particularly tricky as they have to be WHQL-certified and a lot of manufacturers simply won't bother going through that process for older kit. Shout at Epson loud and long about that.

  thegreypanther 17:12 02 Apr 07

I'm afraid, Kate B, that it won't justbe my lone voice that gets Epson to do anything. And by the time I can get a driver, it wll be far too late. Unfortunately, I use my scanner almost day to day and I'm up a gum tree without being able to us it.

Any suggestions for an Epson scanner that DOES work in the 64-bit environment?
I need an euivalent Epson scanner, as one of my key pieces of equipment is an Epson Film Adapter (which costs twice as much as the 1650 in the first pace!)that fits into the 1650 scanner.

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