Epsom driver for W7?

  Roadgiant 01 Nov 09

I'm due to receive a copy of W7 in the next few days and I am currently downloading drivers etc prior to moving over from Vista, on the Epson site for my printer a R220, it lists 2 drivers :- one for Windows 7 X64 and one for Windows 7 X86. Presumably the X86 version is the one required for 32bit, I'd appreciate if someone can confirm this? Why call it X86 if this is the case?
Thanks RG

  ambra4 01 Nov 09

Windows 7 X86.is the driver for your printer if you intend to install Windows 7 32.bit

  mobileman1953 02 Nov 09

when i changed to win 7 just plugged my epson printer in and drivers automatically installed on a epson c44

  g0nvs 07 Nov 09

My old Epson 830u printer & Epson V200 scanner in stalled & run fine with the original XP drivers.

  Proclaimer 09 Nov 09

that goes back to the days when the CPU was named '286, or 386, 486 or 486 DX 33' to specify a co-processor on board and the speed of the cpu.

  Roadgiant 09 Nov 09

Just to say that everything worked fine with the Windows 7 X86,can't understand why they make it more complicated if the drivers had just been
Windows 7 X64 and one for Windows 7 X32 it would have made it a lot more obvious.
Thanks again RG

  ambra4 10 Nov 09

Tick the box and click resolved


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