Email Hyperlinks problem in Yahoo Mail

  The Teacher 22:55 14 Nov 12

For some reason I now cannot click a hyperlink when they appear in e-mails, either in text or graphic form.

I can hover over the link but I do not get the cursor to change into a "fist" it remains as it would if writing a Word document.

I cannot recall changing settings and I have searched through Yahoo help but cannot seem to find a solution. I though perhaps that it could be that I have e-mails in plain text not html, but cannot find where to check. However I do get images in e-mails and so don't think it is plain text.

How can I restore the function to be able to click hyperlinks? I am running Windows 7, 64 bit version, and Yahoo Mail classic.

Please help, it is driving me mad!!!

The Teacher

  The Teacher 17:07 15 Nov 12


Not using IE, using Waterfox, the 64bit version of Firefox. It is only recently that it has happened but I cannot find anything in settings or whatever to help.

The Teacher

  The Teacher 18:30 15 Nov 12

I have also tried this in IE and I still cannot open hyperlinks in mail. Hyperlinks seem to work on webpages OK but as above with Waterfox IE does the same, gives me the cursor as I would have in Word when typing. It doesn't even give me the URL of the page it is trying to link to.

The Teacher


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