Ejecting D Drive??

  mikegm7 01 Jan 12

I have just come by my daughters 4year old Acer laptop. When I load a disc and press 'open' or 'explore' the drive just 'ejects' I suppose the laptop itself is about 4 years old, but the drive has I believe had little use. If it does need replacing, is it easily done at home, I have in the past replaced a hard drive.

  difarn 01 Jan 12

Vista default is set up to double click to open and to carry out the other commands in my computer - one click is supposed to automatically eject for some reason.

Have you tried different CD's? Sometimes the brand of cd elicits this behaviour.

When you load the cd do you push the tray closed or use the commands in my computer?

Does the cd start to load at all?

Are drivers up to date? Go to Device Manager to check.

  BRYNIT 01 Jan 12

When you select open or explore does the disk spin for a while before it is ejected?

What type of disk is it?

Have you tried cleaning the disk? New disks can sometimes need cleaning before they will work and the slightest grease mark from some ones finger can also prevent the disk from working.

  mikegm7 01 Jan 12

Have tried different discs. Manually load tray,Starts to spin as if loading but then decides to stop. Have checked device manager and reports drivers are up to date.

  difarn 01 Jan 12

Have you enabled the auto run feature? If not, it may be worth having a go to see if it helps.

Open the CD/DVD drive and remove any discs from the drive. Do the same for memory card drives.

Click "Start" and then "Control Panel." Click the "Change default settings for media or devices" under the AutoPlay heading.

Click the box next to "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices" at the top of the page if you want to activate AutoPlay for all digital media and devices on your computer. If not, you can select each item individually by clicking the down arrow on the right side. You can choose which program with which to open an item or select "Take no action" to disable AutoPlay for that item.

Click "Save" at the bottom of the window when you have finished making your changes.


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