e mail problem

  mobileman1953 17:16 10 Sep 07

hi all i am running windows vista home premium edition, i was having problems with windows mail so i downloaded mozilla thunderbird as my mail client and made it default, my problem is some of my emails are not showing in thunderbird they are going to my sky email client how can i stop this happening

  mgmcc 07:53 11 Sep 07

Emails can only end up in your "sky email client" if that is accessing the ISP's mail server, retrieving messages and deleting them from the server *prior* to you checking mail with Thunderbird.

Email messages don't *go* anywhere, a mail program has to access the server and retrieve them, so is your sky client starting up automatically and checking mail as soon as it launches?

  mobileman1953 08:40 11 Sep 07

how do i check if sky is accessing mail first

  mgmcc 20:18 11 Sep 07

I'm not familiar with Sky software but the Sky Email Client can only retrieve mail if it is actually running. Therefore, if you want to use Thunderbird for your email, make sure that the Sky program doesn't launch automatically when the PC boots. There may be a shortcut in one of the "Startup" folders which runs it when the PC is booted. Check in:

C:\Documents & Settings\{username}\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

If that doesn't help, there should be an option within the Sky email program to LEAVE MESSAGES ON SERVER which will enable you to download the same messages again in Thunderbird.

  mobileman1953 17:34 12 Sep 07

thanks mgmcc but i can not find any start up program for sky mail, also can not find any options to leave mail on server

  mobileman1953 21:35 12 Sep 07

after looking on skyuser forum i find it is a common fault with sky customers, sky are aware of the problem and working on a solution

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