crosstrainer 15:56 27 Feb 07

This is strange.... people who have purchased the full retail version of the OS appear to have DX9c installed...As I am an oem, I naturally have an oem copy which installs DX10...anyone else notice this?

I noticed something along these lines when I installed the very latest version of Nero. It told me I needed to install DX9c for it to work.
I will check to see what my copy is running.

My copy is oem as well and it is running DX10.

  crosstrainer 17:15 27 Feb 07

This seems to confirm that the retail boxes stick with 9c and the oem's with 10....several people have reported this to me, and are having more graphics issues as a result.

  kinger 17:17 27 Feb 07

I'm sure that my copy on my other PC is DX10 and is a full retail version ... I'll check.

  ulrich 17:30 27 Feb 07

This is basically the only reason I want Vista.

  kinger 18:24 27 Feb 07

have direct X 10 on the full retail version of Vista Premium.

Here's how to check yours as stated in the MS FAQ


Which version of DirectX do I have?
At a minimum on this version of Windows, you have DirectX 10.

To check which version of DirectX you have
1. Open DirectX Diagnostic Tool by clicking the Start button , typing dxdiag in the Search box, and then pressing ENTER.

2. Click the System tab, and then, under System Information, check the version number.


Once you have installed Vista, you can go to the main site and download short examples of what the graphics power is like using the new system.

Needless to say, they are awsome.

  anskyber 19:01 27 Feb 07

I have DX 10 on an upgrade version of Home Premium.

  Ashrich 19:29 27 Feb 07

Don't type it in the search box , type it in the run box instead ....I'm running Home Premium OEM and have DX10 as well .


  crosstrainer 07:16 28 Feb 07

It appears that a batch of early retail copy's contain 9c....not the end of the world as Windows downloads it as an update anyway.

  Coltch 08:40 28 Feb 07

dxdiag shows DX10 (RC2) I have added DX9c files so that some games work with Vista though.

Vista includes DX10 regardless of OEM/Retail, why would Microsoft alter anything from the Beta stage

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