DWM.exe spiking

  AL47 22 Nov 09

well this is my 3rd instsall of windows 7, each time a new problem arises, this time its the DWM.exe process,

it seems that randomly it spikes to 25% cpu and everything judders, the mouse stops working properly, the lights on my USB mouse go off and on, and its really annoying, im running virus checkers on it now

at this rate im going to reinstall vista, for all its faults, ive never had any major issues with it!

its begging to frustrate me!

btw, no viruses etc

  rdave13 22 Nov 09

For now right click on desktop--personalize and select Window 7 basic. That should stabilise it.
Try a reboot, desktop personalize-- and select Windows 7. See if that helps.

  sunnystaines 22 Nov 09

this file hogs memory do you have plenty of RAM

  sunnystaines 22 Nov 09

there is also a dwm.exe virus

  AL47 22 Nov 09

virus checkers come back clean

laptop has 3.25gb usable ram

its not an aero issue, ive tried basic

  rdave13 22 Nov 09

As it's a new problem then I doubt it's a graphics card driver. Dwm manages the aero, live task bar thumbnails and flip. (Win key + Tab).
Try task manager then right click dwm.exe and click end process. It will restart automatically. See what happens. Priority is set to high.

  User-1229748 23 Nov 09

just to say dwm.exe is running at 18,212k for me with all the bells and whistles being used.windows 7 home premium 64bit.


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