swood 13:59 08 Jul 10

What's the best free DVD ripping software. I've tried using Windows default ripping software but it doesn't work on our DVD player. I've also tried Nero but it doesn't rip all movie file types.

What free DVD ripping software handles all movie file types and doesn't take up to much hard drive space?

Thanks a lot

  swood 14:18 08 Jul 10

Just downloaded 2 different DVD rippers and it seems they don't recognise .avi files :(.

  swood 14:21 08 Jul 10

Just noticed i put i'm looking for a DVD rip. I meant i'm looking for a DVD burner

  Kevscar1 07:55 09 Jul 10

Windows DVD maker
never had any problems with that and it recognises avi,s

  Strawballs 20:43 10 Jul 10

CD BurnerXP click here The name is misleading it will burn DVD's but it won't rip copyright films

  Blueeye0210 10:42 16 Jul 10

Try Nidesoft dvd ripper!

  tullie 19:25 16 Jul 10

He doesent want one.

  conrail 21:27 17 Jul 10

try this, click here 30 free trial, if you like it fine, if you don't, it's cost you nothing, version 9 is slighly cheaper

  conrail 21:28 17 Jul 10

sorry, that should say 30 day free trial, must get a keyboard that can spell!!


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