Dude, where's my vista orb?

  ady888s 07 Mar 10

I'm running vista (32bit) on an Acer 5310 service pack 2 laptop. I did a safe boot two days ago because of a glitch with IE (a warning saying this script can no longer be run on this page or something such)

I've since rebooted in normal mode(I've gone though F8 to do this three times now) to find that the Vista orb has been replaced by the old rectagle style. I'm pretty sure that other design type features have remained in the old style (ie 'safe mode' style) as well.

Can any one help please?

  canarieslover 08 Mar 10

Right click on your desktop and select Personalize, Theme, and select Windows Vista in the drop down.

  tullie 08 Mar 10

Whos Dude?

  ady888s 08 Mar 10

thanks canarieslover, much relief, easy fix!

excuse reference to 'dude, where's my car?'

tks agin,


  ben1979 20 Mar 10

vista is fall of glitches is was released to the public to soon... XP is and still the best even 98 is better than vista if you ask me... but everyone is different

  mooly 22 Mar 10

Have to disagree :)
Vista is super stable compared to XP, and given reasonable care doesn't suffer the slow downs and problems of old.
I don't deny there were issues for some at the start, but it's matured into an excellent product.

  tullie 23 Mar 10



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