Dual monitor setup - going to sleep whenever!

  amark16 23 Jul 13

Hi all, I've had this issue for some time now, it was bearable at times but now is getting worse. I have two monitors, an oldish SONY SDM-S95DR and an LG FLATRON W2252TQ. Since upgrading from XP to WIN 7, the monitors go to sleep whenever or have strange behavior. On startup one or both may stay in standby, when turning on a usb device, one or both may go to standby, while playing a game or even when pressing CTRL-ATL-DEL. I know your first thought might be the grpahics card drivers, I can assure you I have always had the latest ones installed. Recently I upgraded my CPU, MOBO and RAM with a clean WIN 7 installation and the problem is worst than ever. I'm constantly having to plug in and out the cables behind the case to get them to work. My GPU is a GIGABYTE geforce GTX260. I thought of upgrading it as well, to bring it up to speed with the rest of the setup, also hoping that it would solve the dual monitor issue.

Any ideas would be very welcome. thanks

  Graphicool1 24 Jul 13

Did you do this...

"How to Set Up Dual Monitors for Your PC By Jedadiah Casey


Install a video card capable of outputting to two or more screens, if necessary.

Connect each monitor to an available output. Plug in the monitor and turn it on.

In the case of a laptop, connect a single monitor to the laptop's VGA or HDMI port, depending on your laptop configuration and monitor type.

Press and hold the Windows logo key.

Press the "P" key twice to enter monitor extended mode. This creates two independent displays where you can have separate application windows open on each monitor.

Release the Windows logo key.

Click here for the Source of info

  Graphicool1 24 Jul 13

Why are you running this same question twice. Please close one down, it gets confusing otherwise.

  amark16 24 Jul 13

that is a nice tip Graphicool1 that I was not aware of, however, this is not exactly my problem. My monitors are properly set up and I have my desktop extending on both screens at the correct resolution. So as long as things work fine, they are fine. The problems i face concern one or two monitors involuntarily going to standby mode and windows not recognizing them during playing games, turning on/off other usb devices, playing videos etc, until i physically plug them in and out (often several times) to get them to work again.


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