Dual Boot XP & Vista

  PaulB2005 17:50 31 Jan 07

I have searched and searched and searched for a definitive answer on this and i cannot find a definite answer....

So I'm hitting as many forums as possible.....

My PC has XP Pro OEM installed. New Hard Drive to be added for Vista.

1) Can i add Vista RC1 Build 5728 to this PC in a Dual Boot setup? i.e. will the RC1 disk allow this?

2) Will any of the versions of Vista out now allow me to install Vista as a Dual Boot option with XP Pro? I understand the OEM Vista disk won't but would i need to buy an Upgrade disk or a Full Retail Vista disk to achieve an XP Pro / Vista Dual Boot PC?

Sorry for the fact i seem to have put this question in nearly all the threads in the Vista Help-room here but i need to know. I'm sure the answer is out there......

  Zeppelyn 20:23 31 Jan 07

I have installed Vista Ultimate OEM alongside XP Pro and dual boot is working just fine.

  PaulB2005 23:41 31 Jan 07

Most interesting....

I assume XP Pro was installed first and then you just booted from the Vista disk? Nothing special to do?

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