Dual boot?

  john bunyan 22 Oct 09

At the moment I am on XP with Windows Media Centre Edition.
I have a primary 320 HD partitioned 80 Gig for programmes, the rest for "My Documents". I have an identical slave internal HD on which I clone the primary, weekly, using ATI. I also have an external HD (500 Gig) on which I do a weekly image with ATI and also copy parts of "My documents" - mainly i Tunes and photos.
I am thinking of changing to W 7 ultimate 64 bit. I thought I might switch my slave drive to a dual boot , keeping w XP on it , and use a second external HD that I have for ATI to clone or image for the W7. Then when I am used to W7 and ironed out any bugs I could revert to the old system and give up XP- I assume I need a later ATI than v 11. Any comments?

  john bunyan 23 Oct 09

So I will treat as resolved!

  User-1379395 25 Oct 09

>I am thinking of changing to W 7 ultimate 64 bit

If you have something complicated that works, I wouldn't change it to Win 7 untill you need to.

  john bunyan 25 Oct 09

That is why I by - passed Vista. The reason for changing is I use Photoshop CS4 and 4 Gig (only of use in 64 bit) would be useful. Also It has the Media Centre Edition which I use. Not sure of Need or Greed comment - The whole update will not be too expensive. However I am in no great hurry, but my wife needs a new laptop and I thought it useful if we were both on W 7.


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