driver for Benq scanner?

  palinka 16:22 16 Feb 08

I have a Benq scanner, S2W 3300OU, which won't work with Vista. The installation disk drivers do not include vista and there is no mention of Vista on Benq's website so I can't update the drivers there.
Does anyone know where I can download an alternative driver?

  Ashrich 21:16 16 Feb 08

It seems that Benq are not doing Vista drivers for anything other the latest hardware , and as this scanner has been out for a long time ( since Win98se ) I would assume there aren't any drivers for it , sorry !! Unless this is a badged clone from a different maker , who MAY have Vista drivers ( worth a Google ? ) I don't think it will work .


  brundle 21:29 16 Feb 08

This supports your scanner but it's not free; click here

  mrwoowoo 21:37 16 Feb 08

sometimes an xp driver will work with 32bit vista.
Nothing to lose if you try.
Have you tried just plugging it in to see if vista recognises it?

  palinka 08:57 17 Feb 08

thanks everyone. Yes mrwoowoo, I tried that and Vista doesn't recognise it. I'd discovered that one, brundle, and tried out their temporary/free offering (prints $ over what it scans); I'd decided I'd buy that if nothing else turned up, and it looks like I'll have to do that. At present conversion rates it's about £20 which is OK.

  palinka 16:54 19 Feb 08

I've bought the Hamrick driver, that i tried out (and as suggested by brundle). Works well and is quicker that the original driver.

  dms05 19:09 19 Feb 08

I had a similar problem with a Mustek scanner. The installation program did appear to install the XP drivers but the Scanner Panel software (used to Scan, Copy, Email etc) froze. So I looked at some of the packages I have for photo manipulation and found these could control my scanner. Specifically I use Irfan Viewer (Google for a download) and from it's menu chose my Mustek as the TWAIN source and then clicked on Aquire - this resulted in a perfect scan and arguably was better quality then the original Mustek controlled scan. An additional advantage was I could chose the file format and selecting JPG meant my files were 100k rather than the 10Mb BMP files produced by the Mustek software.

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