Drive errors on windows 8 dual-boot

  georgemackey86 09:41 AM 20 Apr 13

I am running a HDD with windows 8 32-bit, & a SSD with windows 8 64-bit. Whichever drive I select, my two data HDD's show errors, e.g recycle bin corrupted, or they are simply missing data that was there when loaded via the other platform.

All drives are cleanly installed, & AHCI was selected in the BIOS before installation. I need both versions, as some of my vital 32-bit programmes won't work with the 64-bit W8 & vice-versa. I use the BIOS to select the platform that I want to use, & they seem to boot up just fine.

Can anyone suggest a cause & solution please?

  jaywoo 16:19 PM 23 Apr 13

Your two Windows installs and user accounts will have different security IDs associated with them. If the data drives are formatted NTFS (and they usually are) the ownership/permission to access the data files will depend on which Windows 8 install and which user account you used to create or manipulate the files. You can try creating a FAT32 partition to share data, which won't have the same security issues but is a less robust file-system than NTFS. Recycle bin problem is due to the same issue - they're system folders and one OS isn't allowed to access the recycle bin created/used by the other.

  georgemackey86 18:06 PM 23 Apr 13

Thank you very much Jaywoo. I shall create the FAT32 partition & try again.



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