Does Visa back-up utility back up programmes?

  villa fan 12:16 PM 28 Aug 10

Hi, I am in the process of changing PCs and will be going form Vista to Windows 7. I used the back-up utility in Vista to back-up my files to re-install to the new PC but I'm confused as to whether it will have backed up my programmes (photoshop, microsoft office etc)? In the help files it says it doesn't back-up programme files and when I look at what's on the external hard drive everything is zipped and I can't tell what's been backed-up. Any help greatfully received. I will be doing a separate back-up with WD hard drive with it's smartware software too to see if that is any clearer. I'm also guessing from this that it will be difficult to find specific things on the hard drive (eg. photo's or music) without re-installing the whole lot on the new PC?

  Kevscar1 12:51 PM 28 Aug 10

No thats why it tells you it doesn't

  tullie 12:55 PM 28 Aug 10

I should imagine that if help file tell you that it wont,then it wont.Any registry items will be left on the old hard drive,unless the exe files have been transferred.

  villa fan 17:36 PM 28 Aug 10

Thanks for comments, sorry if it seemed a stupid question!

  tullie 19:21 PM 28 Aug 10

Its not stupid


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