Does "Factory Settings" include the operating system?

  Algreen946 07 Mar 13

Found recovery disk's for a computer that needs a wipe and reload, but it can't do a recovery where it saves all my files and folders, says it failed, but can restore the computer to a time when it was "First used" This is a bit tricky because I'm pretty sure this was a Win XP pro to begin with yet at the moment is running Win 7 pro (This is a custom build desktop I got off Amazon) Just want know, if I restore to factory settings, do I still have an operating system??

And also, just out of interest, this machine is Hewlett Packard but why does the recovery disk tell me it is Packard Bell? Probably not important but I'd thought I'd ask the question...

Many thanks!!!

  sharpamat 07 Mar 13

Restoring to factory settings means just that .HP and PB are basically the same. Yo will have whatever OS your computer came with. If you upgraded from XP Pro to win 7 It will have the original OS system Not what you upgraded to.

Same as your programs you added and any saved data Inc Mail unless you saved these elsewhere they will be wiped as returning to original settins will normally Format the System So if you saved an image from when it was running restore from that image.

Clearly more information is required Such as did you save and Image if so using what program, and to where such as DVD or external Drive

  lotvic 07 Mar 13

Might be best to find the W7 product key you are using, free Magical Jelly Bean keyfinder, free SIW or similar will tell you what it is and then write it down on paper. You can download the official Microsoft .iso of W7 and burn your own dvd with a burner for iso files (the iso is an image file)

Then you will have a backup install that you can do from dvd if what you are doing now goes belly up. You will also need the Drivers for your comp that you can get from the manufacturers websites of your hardware.

  Woolwell 07 Mar 13

HP and Packard Bell are not the same. NEC and Packard Bell are owned by Acer.

You need to make sure that you have drivers, etc available just in case.

  lotvic 07 Mar 13

Second thoughts, you need to look at the product key sticker on the case of pc and see if that says XP or W7 and product key. As sharpamat says 'is it XP upgraded to W7 or what?'

  lotvic 07 Mar 13

Re: "this machine is Hewlett Packard but why does the recovery disk tell me it is Packard Bell?"

Was this a brand new pc? it's beginning to sound as if you got it from a system builder who has either given you the wrong recovery disks or has used PB oem disks on a refurbished tower.

More details of the op sys are needed or very likely you will not get the right advice on your product key that will work with a fresh install.

  Woolwell 07 Mar 13

There is another thread about this machine. It's a refurbished server.


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