Does Office 2007 work OK with Windows 7?

  Spock999 21 Jun 11

In about a week, I will be starting my own intro to Windows 7.

It is an enforced introduction as my XP m/c failed on Saturday. I know that I will have some software issues with Photoshop CS2 for example but I am hoping that Office 2007 works OK.

Grateful for any comments/advice.

  BRYNIT 22 Jun 11


  gengiscant 22 Jun 11

Yes it does, it also works fine on Windows 7 64 Bit.

  moiglory 22 Jun 11

I'm preparing upgrade my windows OS and have that question, now I got the answer!

  tonyq 22 Jun 11

Spock999, I will be getting a new PC shortly,running Win 7 64bit. I am hoping to load Photoshop CS2,so please let us know how you go on.

  Spock999 22 Jun 11

I have already accepted that CS2 will not work and am planning to upgrade.

  ventanas 22 Jun 11

There are no problems whatsoever with CS2, I have it running on two PC's, one running Win7 64bit and one Win7 32bit. Far easier to use than it ever was under Vista. Just install as Administrator and when installed adjust compatibility settings if you have any issues. I can't remember now.

  tonyq 22 Jun 11

ventanas,is this what you mean?.

  tonyq 22 Jun 11


  ventanas 22 Jun 11

OK, at home now and have checked CS2 on the 64bit desktop. There is no compatibility set, neither is it run as administrator. All I did was run the setup file as admin when installing. It runs perfectly.

  ventanas 22 Jun 11

Should have said a number or very ancient plugins, like KPT3, also work fine as well. But I hardly go near it nowadays, hence still on CS2. Since Lightroom came out I don't really need anything else. If I do Elements is perfectly adequate.


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