does backup work in the background?

  bendigo 12 Jan 12

Can I continue working on my computer whilst backing up to an external hd?

  ams4127 12 Jan 12

That depends on how you are doing your backup and which programme you are using.

Personally, I leave my machine alone while backing up because I don't want to risk any data corruption.

  difarn 12 Jan 12

I use a WD external hard disk which happily works in the background as part of the Windows 7 back up and restore function but as ams4127 says it very much depends on how you are doing your backup and which programme you are using. Back ups work on the last saved file - any alterations to files will be backed up next time you restore.

What you have to be careful of is not to accidentally close down the function while it is working.

  bendigo 13 Jan 12

Thanks to both of you. Just to be sure I'll let my backup do it's thing when I don't want to use the computer. My backup is the windows one which is part of windows 7. and I use an Iomega external hd. thakns again, Bendigo.

  difarn 13 Jan 12

You're welcome

  wiz-king 13 Jan 12

I have used my W7 machine during backup (I forgot the time I had set it to do the backup) but it was very slow.

  Zeppelyn 14 Jan 12

Basically yes as the Win 7 Backup uses shadow copy to create the backup and not the files in use.


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