Do older versions of Office run on Vista?

  Mattjs 19:59 13 Jul 07

Hi, can anyone tell me if office 97 runs in Vista?

Ive just been landed with a new Vista pc at work, but we are still running office 97, which has been fine on our other XP systems.

I'd be grateful for any advice you have.
Cheers, Mattjs

  Pine Man 20:07 13 Jul 07

It might not but just try it you have nothing to lose!

  puma22 21:53 13 Jul 07

As Pinemamn says just try it. I am running 2003 on vista and it works ok if this helps.

  Forum Editor 00:31 14 Jul 07

why it shouldn't run, but there's only one way to find out, as the others have said.

  Pine Man 16:09 15 Jul 07

Any joy?

  Mattjs 19:11 16 Jul 07

Thanks for the replies, took the new toy out of the box today and office 97 went on and ran perfectly.

I guessed that it ought to, but I remember so many launch date stories about Vista having compatibility probems with some older applications, so I thought I'd ask for peace of mind!

Looking around on forums like this has been a bit of an eye opener, very few complaints about Vista and lots of happy users, I guess the scare stories were over done a bit (as with XP I seem to remember!)

All things considered Vista looks really nice, and seems to be easier to navigate than XP, only had a couple of hours playing with the new pc today, but allready thinking about replacing this old laptop top I'm on with a new Vista machine!

Cheers, Mattjs

  Pine Man 19:18 16 Jul 07

Good to hear it all went well.

  im2020 22:37 28 Jul 07

I have just installed Office 97 satisfactorily on a newly arrived Vista PC but applying the update sr2bof97.exe fails.

Anyone had any better luck with this?

  im2020 19:40 29 Jul 07

Further research shows that Office 97 is really not compatible with Vista. Update sr2bof97.exe can not be applied but more fundamentally Office 97 macros (which are a major feature of most of ny Word and Excel documents) will not run.

My immediate next step is to acquire and load onto my new PC a copy of Windows XP Home and stick with that for the moment.

  Mattjs 22:10 29 Jul 07

I can't offer any advice on applying the update as I only installed what came on the original disk.

At work we use it mainly for an access database application, the macros in that seem to be working fine.

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