Disk Partitioning In Win7

  Admiral Allstar 27 Dec 09


I am going to do a fresh install of Win7 this week and have 3 internal hard disks of 250Gb each with partitions on htem which I wish to delete. However, I wish to partition them in different sizes. I dont mind doing only one when I install Win 7, but wondered if Win 7 had the ability to create, delete, etc partitions on a number of hard disks??

I currently use XP and can only see the ability to resize & delete a partition.


  john bunyan 27 Dec 09

In Start, type in "disk managment". You can partition in that - there is a help index. Am too nervous to try it myself; there are free , easier programmes, but only for 32 bit. Others may be more specific!!

  gigagiggles 28 Dec 09

win 7 has all those capabilities. the only limitation is the physical placement of the files on those hard drives. if they are scattered on the outer AND inner rings of the platter, then there is less contiguous space to create partitions.

  MIke 28 Dec 09

When you do the fresh install of Win 7 the set up will detect all your drives, and give you the option of deciding which drive to install on, and also the option re-formatting and partitioning the drives. One thing I discovered on my desktop was that it placed the Boot manager on a different drive to the drive Windows installed on, caused me a bit of a headache when I replaced the drive with a different one ,as although I had the windows drive in the pc, It wouldn't boot as I'd replaced the drive with Bootmanager on! So if I were you once you've partitioned your drives I'd physically disconnect them, leaving only the drive you want Windows installed on.

  MIke 28 Dec 09

You can also do as John Bunyan advises and partion after installing Windows using disk management. I have used it myself under vista and it does work OK, but best to partition up before putting anything on the drive as there is no chance then of losing data.

  Admiral Allstar 31 Dec 09

I used Windows disk management and that worked a treat.



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