Directories missing in Windows 8 explorer

  fantombe 22 Jun 13


I've had Windows 8 for a while now. One thing I've noticed is that whenever I use a Windows 8 app that uses the metro file explorer, a bunch of my directories go missing. The biggest problem is that any metro app I use can't seem to find my "Data" directory. That's quite the issue since, as I'm sure you can guess by the name, it's where I store pretty much everything I save on my computer!

In my desktop file explorer, and any program that uses it, I have no problem. Having to copy images and things into my generic Windows Pictures or whatever directory just so the apps can find them is beginning to get tiresome!

Does anyone know why this is happening, and what I can do to fix it?

I was going to attach a photo so you can see what I mean, but can't find the attach button! So I'll upload it somewhere and follow up with a link for you asap.

Thanks for your help!

  fantombe 22 Jun 13

Here's a screengrab for you:

Thanks again for any help! :-)

  rdave13 22 Jun 13

Not sure I'm on the right track here but it could be that indexing is off? I have my data on the D drive and use the Libraries so apps such as Photos, Music etc can 'see' the data. For example, in the Library pane, right clicking the Pictures library,selecting properties, add, then browse to my Photo folder on the D drive, allows the Photo app to work correctly. Apologies if I'm on the wrong track.


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