Desktop shortcuts changing appearance in windows 8

  rellis1007 14:16 02 Jun 13

I recently bought a new laptop with windows 8. Rather annoyingly when I add shortcuts on the desktop to my favourite web sites they change their appearance from the company logo provided by that web site to a picture of a globe for all web site shortcuts so that they all look the same.

I know I can change this appearance from the library of logos provided but how can I stop this change happening in the first place and retain the company logo please?

It seems sometimes that windows 8 gets too cleaver for its own good.

Thank you

Richard Ellis

  rdave13 19:25 02 Jun 13

Windows 8 isn't clever. It's an OS. In IE select the tab, which has an icon, and select to favourites. Or if you've chosen to show the favourites bar select the tab and click on the star with the right facing green arrow. From the list from favourites or the favourites bar drag and drop to the desktop. If the page has the IE globe as an icon, such as this site, then it won't work.

  rellis1007 20:28 02 Jun 13

Thank you rdave13. I've managed to change half of the icons this way. Much better.

Richard Ellis

  rdave13 20:35 02 Jun 13

rellis1007 , thank for the feedback, even though you only managed half of them. Try doing it with another browser?

  rellis1007 18:50 03 Jun 13

will do, thanks

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