Desktop positions and folder views not saving

  sarah555 30 Jun 12

Hello Everyone

I have a strange problem : my windows had a virus and after my antivirus fix and delete viruses this problem occurred that : Desktop positions and folder views and sorting files in any folders not saving , for example in my desktop I arrange manually my desktop's Icon but after refresh they arrange again by its own or in my computer I set the drivers view to large icon but after closing and re opening my computer it changed to tile view and so for sorting files in a folder it changed to its own after closing and opening that folder again and all of this change that made by own don't save , what is the problem ?!!

Please help me to fix all of this problem .


  Nontek 30 Jun 12

Try a System Restore back to before you had the virus.

  difarn 01 Jul 12

Can I suggest that you also run Malwarebytes - this is a free anti-malware programme. Do not click on the buy button but download now. If anything is shown as a problem then allow that programme to fix it. Download from here.

  difarn 01 Jul 12

In regards to doing a system restore following a virus removal the problem is that you don't know whether the virus attacked the System Restore function itself.

In addition the removal of the virus may also have compromised the PC.

Do you have a copy of the Windows 7 installation disc. If so it may be possible to do a repair install - which is not a complete reinstall but will preserve your user accounts, data programmes and drivers etc. Have a look at this article.

  sarah555 01 Jul 12

Thank you for replying But I already did all of this work but non of them didn't work and now I am going to create a new user and move all of my files from my last user to new user and delete old user and rename new user to old user Because in new user every things is OK and there is no problem there .

  difarn 01 Jul 12

Obviously the anti virus fix you mentioned corrupted that user profile. Hope that the situation resolves itself. Can I suggest that you also make a spare user account with administrator privileges.


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