Desktop Monitor keeps switching off & on.

  Appaloosa62 11:32 17 Nov 12

My 13 yr old nephew recently came for a visit,and without asking me upgraded my browser to IE9 on my Vista desktop PC. Since then the monitor has been playing up. The monitor takes about a minute to power up and after about 5-10 mins it will power off for approx 1 min and then switch back on. After about 10 mins it will switch off again for another min or so, and then power up again! This will happen a few times for about an hours use and then it seems to be ok. I thought the monitor must be on the way out, so i bought a new one, but the problem is still there. I also replaced the leads with new just to be sure. Nephew assured me he had not messed with the settings, but i`m not so sure. Is it possible the monitor power options have been altered, and if so can they be re-set to default & if so,how do i do this?

  northumbria61 13:51 17 Nov 12

Go to - Start - Control Panel - Program and feature - and click "View installed updates" and down to Microsoft Windows and click Internet Explorer 9 for uninstall. Your PC will revert to the previous version you had installed.

  rdave13 10:20 20 Nov 12

Try dropping the resolution a notch.

  Appaloosa62 19:49 20 Nov 12

Thank you Dr yes. I followed your instructions for option one, and everything is now running well again.

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