Desktop Internet Icon on Vista?

  BRUNTY 19:45 23 Jul 07

Can someone explain to me how i can get my Internet Explorer icon on the desktop with Vista as i can only access it via the Windows Start button?

  anskyber 19:55 23 Jul 07

Usually just right click the icon in the start area and send to desktop.

  BRUNTY 19:58 23 Jul 07

I have tried the normal ways however there is no option to send it to the desktop...

  Probabilitydrive 20:04 23 Jul 07

Which icon? Did you try left clicking it and dragging it onto the desktop?

  Pine Man 20:05 23 Jul 07

c:/program files/internet explorer/iexplore.exe right click send to

  Ashrich 20:06 23 Jul 07

As Probabilitydrive says , drag and drop !


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