dell 15r inspire has black screen and wont do f8

  nonowtatall 01 May 12

i have a dell 15r inspire laptop with windows 7 and when i came to open it there is only a blck screen and a flashing curser line in the left hand top i have tried lots of times to start it and click F8 and nothing happens when i do F2 that opens but not the safe start mode before that happend there was a message saying that my macafee needed upgrading so i clicked yes then it went blank and a black screen is there some way of getting it to boot i am passed myself as i have just bought it a few weeks ago

  difarn 02 May 12


press control alt delete and select task manager. under Applications select "new task" type in explorer and press enter - do you have your screen back?

If this doesn't work try:-

Unplugging any usb devices while computer is on with blank cursor. Then hard power off by pressing the off button and keeping it depressed until it switches off. Leave off for a minute or so. Leave usb cables unplugged, and power computer back on.

When you are trying F8 are you tapping it about 3 times a second as it is booting?

  nonowtatall 02 May 12

hi difarn i have tryed all you said and nothing happens on both things still the black screen and the cursor flashing up in the top left hand corner is there any thing else i can do

  difarn 08 May 12

There are numerous threads about this happening after a Macafee upgrade. As your PC is new and under warranty can I suggest that you ring Dell first of all and they may suggest that you get in touch with McAfee.


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