Deleting emails from the server's mailbox

  griffon56 16 May 13

I've been advised by my ISP that in order to increase security it is possible to delete emails from their server's mailbox once downloaded. I've looked under Thunderbird's 'Tools/Options' menu for some link by which to do it, but got nowhere. Any advice please?

  Woolwell 16 May 13

I haven't used Thunderbird for a while but it ought to be under account settings How to leave messages. Untick the box instead of ticking it.

  griffon56 16 May 13

Thanks for that Woolwell, but it seems to address the opposite of what I want. I'm under the impression from a reply I received from my ISP that my emails remain on their server by default after I've downloaded them and they advise that if I want them not to, I have to set them to be deleted after downloading. Your answer implies that they automatically ARE deleted after download, but that seems to go against the info I've had from the ISP.

It also seems from the example pages you've shown that Thunderbird thinks the same way as you do. I'd been looking in the wrong place in Thunderbird for the possible answer anyway, so I'll now have a look and see what mine is set to. I think I'll have to address a specific question to the ISP to clarify the situation. Thanks again.

  griffon56 16 May 13

The 'Leave messages on server' box was unticked, so I have to assume that once T'bird downloads them they're not on the ISP's server any more. I will confirm that with them, and if they agree, I will have words because of the bad advice they gave. Why is nothing ever straightforward in computing!?

  Woolwell 16 May 13

However they may have setting on webmail which leaves emails on the server.


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