Delete System Folder in Vista

  geraintjo 05 Nov 09

I have a redundant folder of System Files which hold 14.5GB. I have tried many ways to delete the folder, by changing ownership etc but the system won't allow it. It continues to say I need permission even though I am administrator. The folder is a left over from when i had a back up of my system on the hard drive and is now redundant.
Any help much appreciated.

  mrwoowoo 05 Nov 09

You may be able to do it if you disable UAC.
In control panel > user accounts and click on turn user account control on or off.
You can always turn it back on after.
Be 100% sure that these files are ok to delete.

  Pine Man 05 Nov 09

Have you tried it in safe mode?

  geraintjo 06 Nov 09

Files are OK to dlete as they are definately redundant. Have tried disabling UAC, no luck, have tried safe mode, no luck.

  rdave13 06 Nov 09

Try to take ownership; click here

  geraintjo 15 Nov 09

Have tried that previously without luck. However, your instructions seem clearer so will try again.

  canarieslover 15 Nov 09

I have found in Vista, that, if you are viewing files in the folder that you want to delete, then it won't let you delete that folder. Try opening a different folder then right click on folder you wish to delete and select delete from menu.

  geraintjo 17 Nov 09

Two responses. "canarieslover" - didn't make any difference opening another folder.

"rdave13" - followed your instructions but still failed. response was I need permission to delete. When i looked at the permissions, I had full control and all other entries were ticked except Special Permissions. That was only ticked for SYSTEM which had all entries ticked, user and trusted installer only had special permissions ticked.
Any ideas??

  badhair1963 17 Nov 09
  geraintjo 20 Nov 09

badhair13 - had warning that the site you suggested is unsafe. Can you comment please.

  rdave13 20 Nov 09

I get the same warning. Possibly from defender?
Another link for downloading file and folder unlocker; click here
I have never used it so cannot recommend or otherwise.


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