Pine Man 15:38 23 Mar 07

Does anyone know of a defrag utility that will work with Vista, preferably free.

I am getting a bit fed up with the Vista defragger. I have three hard drives and only one of them actually needs attention but it beavers away merrily, for it seems like hours, wasting my time doing the whole lot!

  anskyber 16:03 23 Mar 07

Not free but Diskeeper 2007 is designed for Vista and it defrags quietly all of the time without attention.

  harry12 17:57 23 Mar 07

Iobit runs in Vista and is free.

  Pine Man 19:02 23 Mar 07

Thanks guys I'll give the freebie a go.

  Input Overload 20:37 23 Mar 07
  Taurus 16:10 25 Mar 07

Ashampoo have an excellant defrag utility that runs in the background when the machine is idle, even for a few seconds. I have used it for a long while now, originally with XP and now, equally successfully with Vista. It's not free but it is VERY cheap and comes highly reccomended. Never need to think about defragging ever again; how bad is that?

This defragment package is not free but the latest
version is designed for Vista. I have been using it for a while now and it has one of the fastest derfag times I have ever seen in any package.

I have used Diskeeper and I was singularly unimpressed with it, bags of features but in my opinion it made my system slower and the background defraging is a memory hog, while using it I kept getting out of memory messages despite running with 2Gb of RAM.

  sunny staines 15:38 26 Mar 07

vista by default auto defrags when idle once a week.

  Pine Man 16:17 26 Mar 07

Thanks for that sunny staines, never noticed it defragging.

  Pine Man 20:24 26 Mar 07

I have just found out that if you have more than one HD and don't want to defrag the lot. Don't select defrag from System Tools just select the HD you want to defrag and look in properties where you will find defrag just for that drive. You still can't see the progress but it's better than doing the whole lot!

  charliestumpy 12:39 27 Mar 07

As has wisely been suggested, Vista one is crap and the Io one is brilliant - thanks.

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