DEF in Vista blocks loading ZoneAlarm

New computer:new problem. Tried to load my licensed copy of ZoneAlarn Security Suite having bought new computer (to be scrapped) but Vista's DEF prevents that. How do I get round it please?
Is this why people hate Vista?

  brundle 06 Mar 09

DEF - are you sure you don't mean DEP (Data Execution Prevention)? Vista up to date with Windows Updates? Does DEP prevent the installer itself running, or the program when it's actually been installed?

  ventanas 06 Mar 09

Must be DEP, I've never heard of DEF

Full instructions on how to change the settings and to turn it off for certain programs are contained in the Vista help file. Just open Help and Support from the Start menu and type Data Execution prevention into the dearch area.
Very unusual for it to be affecting an installer though. How old is your Zone Alarm program, if you've had it a while you may need a later version. From memory there were issues with Vista a couple of years ago.
Nobody hates Vista by the way, they just don't know how to use it.

I found this info elsewhere. Perhaps all new Acer owners using Zone alarm should know about it?
"Hi, my brother recently bought a new Acer Aspire 5930. And when installing Zonealarm also got this problem.
After trying lots of different ways to bypass the problem, I finally found out what was causing the problem (with some help from another acer user who got a similar problem installing/using a different program.

The PSDProtect.dll belongs to "Acer eDataSecurity Management", one part of the "Acer Empowering Technology" program group.

Uninstalling this program ("Acer eDataSecurity Management" ) before installing Zonealarm makes the problem go away completely"

  MikeNugent 31 Mar 09

I have a new Acer Aspire 5530 with Vista - I'm a Vista virgin..... I have used Zonealarm for years and when I bought the laptop increased my subs to them for 3 computers but cannot for the life of me install ZA on the laptop.

  MikeNugent 03 Apr 09

However the only way i could unistall this was using the system tool from IoBit - good kit.
Now I have installed ZA and it's running correctly


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