Creating original Admin's standard user account - sequence of steps?

  polymath 16 Jul 12

I've been the sole user of this computer (Vista Home Premium SP2)for a while now, and have only just got round to creating my standard user account for day-to-day use (yes I know - not recommended! I got sidetracked by various troubleshooting; fortunately not including malware infection). Ideally I'd like the same data & settings in the standard account that the admin one has accumulated.

I know how to create a user account (I've done a standard one for another user, and know how to make its settings the default for further ones). And how to change account passwords and all that type of individual task. But I can't seem to see the wood for the trees. (I couldn't seem to find the right search terms - instructions seem to be aimed either at big companies' IT teams, or users afraid of long words). It's just a summary I'm trying to find (the chapter headings, so to speak). Any pointers?

  polymath 16 Jul 12

Wow - this site's certainly on the defence against spam, isn't it?

  difarn 16 Jul 12

You will need to create a duplicate user profile with a different name.

This article explains the steps.

  polymath 16 Jul 12

Thank you difarn! Just what I was looking for.

I wasn't even sure before what a user profile is exactly! (I find Microsoftese a bit ambiguous sometimes).

  difarn 16 Jul 12

Good news - glad to help.


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