Copying video to usb memory stick problems

  mart7 09 Mar 13

system-windows 7 64bit ultimate,Intel i3,8gb ram,1tb hd

Ive purchased a 64gb toshiba memory stick usb2.0 The speed the files are written to the memory stick varies from 3mb\sec to 25mb\ sec I use it to watch video in the usb slot on my lg bluray player Problem is some of the video files do not copy,they appear to have but they havent,this happens if the write speed is 25mb\sec at 3mb\sec works fine why is this? doesnt matter the file type or indeed the size

  lotvic 09 Mar 13

you could try this solution posted by 'ArcAiN6' on plug your memory stick in, then:

"In Device Manager, right-click the USB drive in Disk drives folder, then select Properties, switch to Policies tab, and choose Optimize for performance. Click OK to keep it."

"NOTE: If you use this method, make SURE you use the sub removal tool that pops up in your system tray when you first plugged in the device (system tray is the little area near your clock on the task bar)"

  lotvic 09 Mar 13

Actually re-reading that, it might be easier/better(?) to do it via windows explorer by rightclicking on the usb memory stick | Properties | and then the Policies tab.

  mart7 09 Mar 13

Thanks ive already done this few weeks ago to no effect I arent really bothered how fast the memory stick writes if it copies the video in its entirety but it doesnt,i get the message in vlc "broken avi index" Today ive copied 6 files same format same size at 3mb\sec the seventh one sped up to 25mb\sec and the result is an unplayable video,even though clicking on properties gives the correct size for the file its not copied across fully

  lotvic 09 Mar 13

Maybe the memory stick has got 'bad patches' or something - I'm just guessing now, sorry.

  mart7 09 Mar 13

dunno got completely stuck with this problem Ive formatted it several times using "part man" it refuses to format to ntfs only fat 32

  lotvic 10 Mar 13

Well here's the specs and it's got a 5 year warranty so I suggest you get it replaced under warranty.

  lotvic 10 Mar 13

Ooops, maybe you got one of these fakes you better read the reviews at bottom.

  mentok1 10 Mar 13
  mart7 10 Mar 13

lotvic thanks the reviews on amazon are fairly accurate to the problems im having,the memory stick has been replaced 2x still same crap Ive heard about lot of fake memory sticks that say they have 64gb capacity but only have 8gb I used this utility it reported 62.5gb think ill forget it its too unreliable,i do have a 64gb unknown make one which performs excellent and an 8gb sandisk which also is faultless

thanks for your help

  mart7 10 Mar 13

mentok thanks thats a useful utility it found a few sectors that couldnt be written to on the usb stick



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