copying from laptop to pc

  pollpott 03 Apr 13

I want to copy a large number of jpeg from a win8 laptop (32bit) to a win8 pc (64bit) I have read about using a simple transfer cable, is this the best way or will it only transfer and not copy? Are there compatibility issues?

  mgmcc 03 Apr 13

If both computers connect to the same router for their internet access, then they are already "networked". Set the folder in the Laptop as "shared" and it should then be accessible from the PC. You can copy or move the files between computers.

You could also set both up to be in the same Homegroup for file sharing.

  pollpott 04 Apr 13

I have tried to set up a homegroup and did so successfully on the pc which generated a password. Unfortunately the laptop could not seem to join, I got as far as entering the password but then it couldn't join.I ran the diagnostics but that didn't help. I removed the homegroup from the pc and tried to set one up from scratch on the laptop. I got as far as selecting which files to share then at the next step got the message "windows can't set up a homegroup on this computer" Accompanied by a "bong" sound with a big cross in a red circle, just for emphasis. Any ideas?

  chub_tor 10 Apr 13

Ignore the link from thtu3 that is spam and the FE has been informed. If you look at this link it seems as if the antivirus A/V was involved, you might try that first. Googling suggests several other reasons for not being able to set up a HomeGroup.

  chub_tor 10 Apr 13

If you can't get the network to connect properly and this is a one time transfer you can always drag the files onto a USB stick inserted into the laptop and then drag them off again onto the PC.

  pollpott 11 Apr 13

Thanks for the suggestions, I have decided that the simplest way is to transfer them to an external HD and take them from that. I will look at the link as I would like to know why I can't set up a network anyway.


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