Copying files from a Vista PC to Win 7 PC

  Wiganken1 11:18 AM 03 Mar 13

I have a new Win 7 computer and before I disconnected my old Windows Vista computer I copied all my documents, pictures and music to a USB stick as well as exporting my IE Favourites and Windows Mail Contacts to it.

Win 7 will not allow me to drag and drop the files from the USB stick. User Account Control (UAC) message displays telling me that I do not have the required permissions and "Access is Denied". There are 17.3GB of files on the USB stick going back 13 years. I still have the files on my old Vista PC so should I disable UAC on it before copying the files to the USB stick or are the "permissions" already embedded in the files? If so then how do I change the files so that they can be copied to USB stick then to my new Win 7 PC? Any suggestions welcome.


  rdave13 12:11 PM 03 Mar 13

Try using the 'take ownership' registry tweek for these folder,

  Wiganken1 17:48 PM 04 Mar 13

Many thanks rdave13. It worked a treat. Problem solved.




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