Copying desktop icon to Start menu

  An Teallach 20 Feb 13

The right-click option for copying a desk-top icon to the Start Menu in Windows 8 has disappeared. How can I get this facility back, please?

  An Teallach 20 Feb 13

Oh no it doesn't! It used to do so a week ago, but not now. The only 11 options are consistently: Open / Open File Location / Troubleshoot Compatibility / Unpin from Taskbar / BitDefender / Send To (9 places but not Start Menu) / Cut / Copy / Create Shortcut / Delete / Rename / Properties. It is happening with all desktop icons,

  An Teallach 20 Feb 13

Apologies, I misread your response because it didn't answer my specific question. The reason I want to place each icon onto the desktop before placing it onto the Start menu is that it gives me the chance to edit the title; for example, instead of the too-long wordy "Microsoft Excel 2010", I want just "Excel". I was able to do this a week ago, but no longer.

  rdave13 20 Feb 13

Have you been using a regisrty cleaner?

This should get your 'pin to start' in the context menu back,

  An Teallach 21 Feb 13

Thank you, but it hasn't worked, there's no change. The 'Pin to Start' option appears when right-clicking some desk-top icons only, as before, but not the ones I am interested in. I have reluctantly given up. [I tried in twice, rebooting after each attempt]

  rdave13 21 Feb 13

Try right clicking the short cut icon, properties,open file location, then right clicking the .exe? Does the 'pin to start' appear there?


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