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  catpwss 19:00 31 Jan 11

hello,Over the past week i have had a new compaq laptop with windos 7.In this laptop there is a piece of software included with the laptop its 'microsoft works'.now I'm having my desktop converted from xp to windows 7 tomorrow is there any way that i can copy that MW from the laptop so I can install it on the desktop.
Would it be possible please.

  GaT7 19:34 31 Jan 11

Probably not possible, but worth a try with the free PickMeApp (free only because it's in beta form). User manual click here.

MW is confirmed compatible with Win7 (32-bit click here & 64-bit click here), but if your new desktop is going to have 64-bit Win7, you'll not be able to do it.

In other words, one usually cannot transfer from a 32-bit OS (your old XP) to a 64-bit OS (your new Win7).

However, if PickMeApp has the option to transfer to any folder you choose, then choose the C:\Program Files (x86) folder on the Win7 PC to transfer your MW program to. This is where 32-bit programs are installed by default in a Win7 64-bit system, & might just work.

If it doesn't work, your options are:
- Use an alternative office program, e.g. OpenOffice click here, or
- Buy a new version of MW - a related Amazon search click here
- Buy a new/secondhand version of MW from eBay - a related search click here

Before buying, ensure the version works with your Win7 type. G

  GaT7 19:35 31 Jan 11

PickMeApp link click here. G

  Strawballs 20:04 31 Jan 11

Even if it were possible it would not be legal as you only have a licence for works on the laptop it came pre-installed on as it is an OEM version.

You would need to do as crossbow 7 suggested or buy a copy of word or better still download and install a copy of the free office alternative Open Office which the latest version is compatable with office. click here

  GaT7 21:24 31 Jan 11

" would not be legal as you only have a licence for works on the laptop it came pre-installed on as it is an OEM version."

That's true Strawballs - thanks for that. G

  catpwss 08:20 01 Feb 11

Thanks all,A friend of mine called last night and he had a microsoft works 7 disc that he dont use anymore.And hopefully it should work with windows 7.
Thanks for help.c.

  bremner 11:52 01 Feb 11

You may have a problem with Works 7.

It is not shown as compatable on the Windows 7 compatability site click here

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