Coping data to a new VISTA PC

  bueller 23:34 13 Mar 07

Got my brand new pc today all installed with VISTA and all that and I am trying to copy data from my home network onto my new PC

It seems to be taking aaaaaaaaaaaages to do it for example I had less than 2gb to copy from a file shared fom another PC onto my new one and Windows VISTA is telling me it is going to take 14 hours for god's sake

I won't even tell you about my logitech cordless mouse which keeps freezing!!!

any clues out there???

  Kate B 23:53 13 Mar 07

How are you transferring the data? Personally I'd dump it on to a DVD or a USB memory drive.

  crosstrainer 09:49 14 Mar 07

I agree with Kate B...burn your data to DVD and then copy it to the desired location on your new PC..Vista has excellent DVD / CD capabilities

  Pine Man 18:35 14 Mar 07

I moved loads of stuff from my old PC to the new Vista PC - all by DVD -seamless and quick.

  bueller 20:08 14 Mar 07

great advice poor old PC has no DVD burner though.....

  PurplePenny 21:36 14 Mar 07

If your old PC is running XP you can buy a device from Belkin. I'm really not sure exactly what it is or how it worked I just had a quick look at it in PC World. It was a box with two cables running out each of which terminated in a USB plug. The blurb on the box was along the lines of "Easily transfer you files from your old XP PC to your new Vista PC".

PC World had piles of them.

  PurplePenny 21:39 14 Mar 07

Belkin Transfer Cable - XP to Vista:

click here=

  Kate B 09:49 15 Mar 07

Better value for money would be to buy a flash memory drive. They're sooo cheap now, you can get 4GB for under £25 click here

  Pine Man 12:12 15 Mar 07

Great idea. You may only use a transfer cable once or twice and they are dearer than flash memory, which you could probably use to boost Vista?

  Kate B 12:42 15 Mar 07

Yup, good point: you can use a flash drive for Readyboost.

  bueller 18:00 17 Mar 07

thanks for all your suggestions - much appreciated

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